Post-run-Yoga (English)

Hey guys, so I’ll post this one in English so that all my fellow Forrest Yogis gets a fair chance of understanding me. 🙂

Truth speaking moment: the last month, my home practice has basically been unexisting. I constantly fall into a trap of thinking about how nice it would be to have a long (at least 2 hours), lush, juicy practice, and when I realize I ”only” have time for an hour, or even worse, 30 minutes, I just don’t do it. Spinning on as since I missed out on yoga the day before, this day, I should really do that longer session and when I realize it’s not going to work, I just fall short of doing any yoga at all. It’s a perfection thing, this that if it can’t be what I imagine, I get too overwhelmed to do anything at all.

So, waking up un Sunday I got into my ”just do it”-momentum and decided to walk the walk of my wiser self for the day. So after my run, I just got my butt onto my mat and did whatever felt good for 30 minutes, nothing more, nothing less. It was complete bliss! Here is what I did:

  • Seated twist in crosslegged both sides + uddhi yana forward fold
  • Shoelace twisting to foot -> twisting to thigh -> uddhi yana forward fold /Change sides
  • Elbow to knee
  • Bridge
  • Dolphin -> Dorsal fin
  • Suns
  • Standing Pose series (All poses in a row on one side)
    1. Reverse Warrior
    2. Extended warrior variation
    3. Interlock warrior
    4. Triangle
    5. (adjust feet if needed) Twisting triangle
    6. (adjust feet) Pyramid
    7. Lunge heel to butt
    8. Twisting Lunge
    9. Pigeon
      •  In between sides: Wide forward fold with neck traction
      • Other side
  • Happy baby pose
  • Savasana

As a runner, my knees are my weak spot. I have quite stiff IT-bands that makes me prone to feel very stiff through my hips and lower back and get pinching outer knees. Working on opening up my hips, hip flexors and hamstrings really help when I start getting uncomfortable after running. Twisting triangle is one of my go-to-poses as it stretches out all the right places in my outer hip and IT-band. Pigeon is a some days good, some days bad pose for me, but still being warm from my run made this whole sequence feel AMAZING.

Try it out, tell me what you think!



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