Practice what you teach (English)

I taught a 75 minute class the other week, and wrote a sequence that I ended up not having time to practice through on my own before teaching. I do try to go through my own sequences before teaching them to others, to both feel how it works and get some good ”feeling cues” from my own experience, but life happens and sometimes there’s just not enough time. I made sure to go through it the day after teaching though! Here is the sequence that I did in my practice, just slightly altered from my original plan (and quite a bit more extensive than what I had time enough to teach..).

  •  50 pumps of kabbala bathi + 2 udhiyana in cross-legged -> other side
  • Seated side bend one leg straight, heel to butt with neck release, chest opener, grabbing thigh and forward fold -> other side
  • Elbow to knee
  • Abs with a roll
  • Bridge, focus on expanding chest
  • Turbo dog
  • Suns
  •  B-series with 2 pose vignettes:
    • Warrior 1 shoulder shrugs-> Lance dodger (after first side: boat grabbing sit bones, after second side: boat with shoulder shrugs)
    • Arrow lunge -> Twisting lunge (after first side: prelude to wave dancer stage 2, after second side: prelude to wave dancer stage 3)
    • Lunge heel to butt -> Lunge back bend both hands grabbing foot (after first side: wave dancer, after second side: bow over roll, one arm, one leg)
    • Lunge back bend brain cradle -> Lunge back bend with a strap (after first side: bow with strap one arm, one leg, over roll ,  after second side: bow over roll with a strap)
    • Lounge lunge-> Pigeon (after first side: cobra push ups with a roll)
  • Elbow to knee star spiral pulse
  • Back release pose
  • Savasana

Try it out, tell me what you think!




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