Monday morning practice

I’m a few weeks into a new schedule from work, which gives me a longer sleep in on Monday mornings. This morning I woke up in good time to get on my mat. I feel I’ve had a bit of a break through in my practice these last few weeks. Different circumstances has left me feeling quite emotionally and energetically drained, and in my search for steady balance, I have found my way onto my mat. And my practice has been beautiful, free of struggle. I have been able to breathe deeply and move with intention, choosing down level options when needed to stay with this new found ease. It feels like I’ve taken a step closer to cracking the code of struggle free, something that I have been working on since starting my yoga journey.


Here is my monday morning practice – lots of warm up to make the hot parts feel amazing is perfect for me in the mornings!

  • 2 Brahmari breath into all 7 chacras
  • Sidebend one leg straight, other foot to groin with neck release -> chest opener -> grabbing thigh 
  •  (same side) Knee pile with Eagle arms – switch leg
  • Elbow to knee
  • Frog lifting through
  • Bridge with wrist stretches -> Bridge with a block – hugging knee to chest -> half lotus -> half vrasana -> other side
  • Dolphin -> Dolphin dorsal fin
  • Suns
  • B-series with vignettes:
    • Warrior 2 shoulder shrugs -> Extended warrior variation with sacral pulse
      • After first side: Cobra push ups over roll,
      • After second side: Down dog on the wall
    • Arrow lunge -> Lunge back bend hands on hips
      • After first side: Prelude to wave dancer stage 2
      • After second side: Dolphin on the wall
    • Lunge heel to butt -> Lunge back bend both hands grabbing ankle
      • After first side: Bow over roll, one arm, one leg
      • After second side: Forearm balance variation
    • Lounge lunge -> Pigeon
      • After first side: Cobra push ups over roll
    • End of Vignettes
  • Abs with roll
  • Back release pose
  • Lying down spinal twist
  • Savasana

Try it out, enjoy!



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